How did Thinking Cinema come about? I had one conversation too many with screenwriters who think cinema as we know it showed up, fully formed, in 1990. This viewpoint ignores the contributions from decades of cinematic tradition prior to 1990. Film is no different from any other art form, in that filmmakers borrow from, and embellish on, what has come before. Admitting this doesn’t make any part of the new work less valid. It does encourage you to regard film in a slightly different light-namely, as part of a continuum.

That is where Thinking Cinema comes in. Each week I’ll write two posts: a review of a first-run film and an article on a film from an earlier time but with the same theme. I’ll also compile a list of films with this theme, and I invite readers to send in suggestions. In addition, I’ll post articles about cinema and cinema-related events. The intent is to provide a forum where lovers of cinema can appreciate and explore new dimensions of this incredible art form.

I have been writing and in love with film for as long as I can remember. Film continues to amaze me in the ways that it inspires, reflects, and predicts our lives. But, as writers say, less telling and more showing. On to the task at hand.